Getting Organized

In 11 days the New York Regional will be in full swing. It’s an exciting and scary thing to consider! Our robot is in the bag, but that’s just the beginning.  We needed to unpack from build season, and take stock of the many tasks that await.

To help us out, we’ve used a free web-based program called mindmeister to collaborate on a mind map of things to do between now and competition.

planning diagramWe’re now considering things like the pit: what to put in our small space, what tools and equipment, spare parts and manuals to pack. We’re going to set up our pit soon to practice working in such a tight space.  Our pit crew are learning important jobs like how to charge batteries!

battery charging

We’re packing our media binder and photos to help explain our robot and design/build process.  We’re making a brochure to highlight our robot’s strengths, and we’re ordering swag to give away to other teams.organizing media binder

We’re thinking about scouting, and having a scouting party this weekend while watching the first week regionals as they are streamed live online.

scouting binder

We’ll test drive our scouting sheets, and teach our first years how the scouting process works.  The CyberFalcons (team 3710) will be joining us.  It’ll be lots of fun!  In our scouting box we also keep cheering supplies!  Cheering and dancing are the responsibilities of our dedicated scouting team.


Our minibot team is working hard…sorting wires is part of that job!  We’re looking forward to having at least two minibots for competition thanks to the new Tetrix motors that we ordered.

minibot wiring

We’re working daily from 2:45-6:00pm each day this week to prepare.  We expect all of our New York bound K-Bots to be working hard with us.  We’ve all got jobs to do!

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