Dragons, Oh My!

Only a few days after build season, we’re hard at work again! Today, some K-bots got together at a top-secret location to work on our challenge that we are putting together for a practice Lego Robotics Competition. We’ll be helping one of our local elementary schools host the practice competition this Thursday.

Dragon for our Medieval Theme

We have been having lots of fun designing a challenge that is medieval themed!

Duct Tape Solves everything!

After some design changes to make sure that our challenges will fit into our space constraints (our challenge boards have to fit into the back of a parent volunteer’s car!), we were eager to start building! As always, we discovered that duct tape can solve almost anything!

Marbl;es for the challenge

Some of us have been working very hard over the last few days to find some materials that we can use to make our challenge more interesting- we’ve been sorting through not only our tool boxes but also our old toys!

Textured Surface for the challenge

We are including lots of different elements in our challenge… we might be including anything from textured surfaces…

Black Tape for Line Following

To black tape for line following…

Yarn for challenge!

And, of course, we knitters can use yarn for almost anything!

But we can’t tell you exactly what the challenge is yet, because some of our younger LEGO Robotics friends might be reading our blog, and it’s a surprise!

We’re so excited to see what the elementary school students come up with at the on Thursday! It will be fun to see how the different teams come up with different ways to complete our challenges.  We hope to inspire many teams to learn more LEGO robotics skills, and to form FLL teams for the upcoming year.

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