Our Robot Needs A Name

Just over 6 weeks ago, we were all introduced to the Logomotion FRC game.


Today we introduce everyone to the K-Botics entry to the competition!

name this robot

name this robot

Some of our robot’s special features include its claw motion that allows precise manipulation of the game pieces, the long arm allowing it to score on the top pegs, and the awesome Logomotion-themed coloured lights.

Full Arm ExtensionHere it is again, at full arm extension, ready to score an ubertube.

We are absolutely thrilled with our robot, but we do have one problem.  The robot does not yet have a name.

Please comment to suggest a name for our 2011 FRC robot!

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28 Responses to Our Robot Needs A Name

  1. John Hyde says:

    -The Gadget! (Or just ‘Gadget’ because it IS a gadget, it has police lights on it, and most importantly you can play the Inspector Gadget theme song while wheeling onto the field and in the pit.)

    -The CLAW! (Capitals imperitive)

    -Pumping Iron (Because it’s an arm?)

    -CopBot. (Because of the lights)

    More to come, hopefully.

  2. Rebecca Dall'Orso says:


    Like commotion…but with a K for kbotics xD

  3. Margi says:

    How about BHOI, (pronounced “boy”), which is the alphabetical equivalent of 2809?

  4. Lisa Wood says:

    Connor and Daniel suggest Angus
    The Scottish name Angus means – exceptional; outstanding. Mythology: Angus Og was the Celtic god of youth, love and beauty

  5. Lisa Wood says:

    Another suggestion was Gunnar, meaning bold warrior, battle and strife

  6. Jason says:


  7. Michael says:

    Robot name strength: make sure to have “tron.” for instance “Megatron” sounds awesome or “Awesometron”

  8. Cassandra says:


  9. Ninya says:

    Harvey the Helping Hand

  10. Remi says:


  11. Lisa Wood says:

    To build on John’s suggestions, Connor is saying
    Kaptain KLAW

  12. Mike says:


  13. taylor says:

    uberbot? XD

  14. KNACK – (pronounced K-Nack)
    KCVI – Nearly Autonomous Cyber-Knight

    knack [næk]
    1. A clever, skilful, expedient, or resourceful way of doing something.
    2. A specific talent or aptitude for something, especially one difficult to explain or teach

    Prounounced K Nack Kingston Agile Cyber-Knight

  15. Anton Kaduck says:

    I second Aurora.

  16. Haotian says:


  17. Brennan says:

    Alex suggesting his own username? hmm…

    I like R.E.X. the best so far 🙂

  18. John Hyde says:

    I think the attempt should be made to stick “Tron” onto the end of whatever the name is.

    I also support the KNACK.

  19. Catherine says:

    Lexi. For the amount of lexan we used.

  20. re: K * N * A * C * K
    (suggested revised acronym… please post your improvements)

    knack [næk]
    1. A clever, skillful, expedient, or resourceful way of doing something.
    2. A specific talent or aptitude for something, especially one difficult to explain or teach

    KNACK – KCVI Near-autonomous Articulating Crane Kit

    or what do you think of Knab instead of Kit?

  21. Okay I should be working instead of becoming obsessed with a name for this amazing machine but if we changed the word Claw to spell Klaw it could be:

    the KNACK – KCVI Near-autonomous Articulating Crane & Klaw

  22. taylor says:

    i like R.E.X

  23. taylor says:


  24. bearse says:

    Ann suggests K-Bot

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