Warehouse Day 3

Day 44:  Some of us started our day rested, with lots of energy and enthusiasm while others of us started continued our day with caffeine, yawns, and all the giddiness that comes with very little sleep.


Connections were soldered, resoldered, and resoldered again, and will be connected once the parts arrive Tuesday at 5PM.


We’re using some very interesting and fun wires this year…recognize these??wire

Components got checked and double checked, and tightened and zip-tied….

workingMany thanks to Jeff, from Transformix, for helping us figure out some details.

JeffWe are so thankful to our families for spending part of Family Day with us.  We welcome everyone to join our big purple K-Botics family!

big purple familyIt’s especially fun when little ones join us.  The innertubes are EVERYONE’s favourite toy!


Throughout the day, we worked really hard on our minibot.  It’s making fantastic progress!


Our big robot was added to as well, but mostly in the forms of zipties, better wiring, and programming.

repairsOur mentors are working hard to keep everyone motivated, productive, and friendly. They help us solve our problems…

problem solving

…they help teach us new skills…


…they give feedback on our work…


…and they even give hair-cuts!

Mentors spend so much of their time and energy focused on our team and our robot, that they sometimes get really tired.  We made a nest in the corner for any sleepy K-Bots…

…but some decided that the field carpet was just as comfy.rest

We hope that everyone gets a good night sleep tonight.  Save up your energy for the stress fun that is bag and tag day!  We’re working from 4PM until midnight at the Transformix warehouse.  This will be the last time to see/touch the robot until New York!

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