Stealth and Secrecy, Necessities for a Robotnapping

Day 43 1/2: THIS is what they were up to…..NOW we know their plan.


They were planning a robotnapping adventure!

Where were they going?  To the car!


With the robot loaded into the car….and supplies snuck out of the school…..they headed to W.A.F.F.L.E.S. HQ.  Luckily there was snow falling to cover their tracks!

sneaking into school

Once set up….the robotnapping fun began!


Before long, our entire purple family came to rescue the robot….

12:00AM We divided up our team: minibots in the dining room, soldering in the kitchen, donuts on the counter, robot in the living room, and a big purple family on the couches, floor, and all available chairs.  Before long, wires and tubing were being cut.  Vacuums were on, and aluminum and lexan shavings were quickly disappearing.  Our robot was going on a diet…trying to lose 2 pounds in one night. We’re also trying to make it more organized and pretty looking.  Our special circuit boards are making it look beautiful!skype to BC

We had a great skype conversation with a former mentor for our team who’s out in BC.  Everyone wants to come to an all night robot party!

1:00AM We took a family day photo before some of our more tired members needed to go home to rest.

purple family2:03AM Some of us are resorting to 30 second naps to re-energize!  We’re wondering how many of us will be feeling enthusiastic at 10AM….

30 second napOverheard through the wee hours of the morning…. (note: there are many references to WIRE strippers….just to clarify)

2:20AM “I’m concerned that you’re taking all the wires off of the robot!  You’ll have to put them back on again!” -K-Botics Parent

“What did I go over here to find?”  -Tim, Grade 11

“I think we need pull-ups” -Mike (Queen’s Mentor)

“How can I get a time zone” -Duncan (Queen’s Mentor)

“The wires are getting neater, I like this!” -Mike (Queen’s Mentor)

“I feel like I’m a crimping machine!” -Mike (Queen’s Mentor)

working hard2:35AM “But what about the strippers…I only care about the strippers” -Mike (Queen’s Mentor)

“Duncan you really want to do your Masters at Queen’s” -Christine (Mentor) you see…we’re trying to get all of our mentors to stay in town for as long as possible.

“You just want the good strippers” -Goran (Purple family member)

“Is the bus going to be noisy?” -Ann (Parent mentor)

2:45AM “I’m borrowing this….to punch something” -Brennan (Grade 10) “No!  If you do, I’ll punch you!” -Elizabeth (Grade 11)

3:00AM We’ve officially been “Rick Rolled” Now you have been too!  Apparently we’re not working hard enough.

“Careful guys my alarm’s going to go off in six hours!” -Duncan (Queen’s Mentor)

3:15AM  “Is dust heavy?  Why are you vacuuming the robot?” -Ann (Parent mentor half asleep on the couch)

4:00AM “I have the strippers” -Tim (Grade 11)

“What’s a male and what’s a female?  I can’t tell the difference” -Elizabeth (Grade 11)

“I need an exposed male and a sheltered female” -Mike (Queen’s Mentor) “there’s a world shortage of exposed males” -Duncan (Queen’s Mentor)

“Petey and I have good sized muscles, but mine are covert” -Mike (Queen’s Mentor)

5:00AM “I’ve definitely heard this song before.” -Mike (Queen’s Mentor) “It’s a 40 song playlist, that’s not a good sign” -Tim (Grade 11)

“Are we eating pizza for breakfast?” -Kaley (Grade 9)

“It’s 5 hours until Transformix, that’s like a full night’s sleep” -Duncan (Queen’s Mentor)

“Do I smell burnt pizza?” -Rachel (Mentor) “No that’s just burnt oven” -Goran (Purple Family member)


5:30AM “I’m not that tired, I just can’t think” -Tim (Grade 11)

“I feel like I’m jet-lagged!” -Justin (Queen’s Mentor)

5:40AM “It’s not today until I say it’s today!” -Mike (Queen’s Mentor)

6:30AM we realized that it is getting light outside

7:00AM we’re cleaning up and getting ready to have a nap before going back to work!

clean up time!We hope you have had as enjoyable and productive a night as we have.

It’s officially bag and tag tomorrow!

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