Warehouse Day Two

Day 43: We spent the day at the Transformix Engineering warehouse with team 3710, the Cyberfalcons, our rookie friends.  It was great to have the chance to try our robot out on the field with another robot.  We practiced some strategy for offense and defense, and practiced scoring lots of tubes.  It was nice to have some of our purple family visiting on reading week.  Mary, our driver from 2009 came to see how our current drive team is doing.


After lots of practice, our driver gets really really sleepy!  He claims to just be “resting his eyes”…what do you think?

driver practice

We are so glad that we can put cardboard Mike away!  We now have our mentor Mike back with us.  We missed him lots!  Thanks for bringing back lots of energy Mikey!!!


Mike was not the only one with energy!  We’ve got lots of little friends who are very energetic!

fun with innertubes

Look at this!  It’s an energetic Tweedle-Falcon playing defense against our robot.  He’s doing a really good job too.

duncan the falcon

It’s nice to be working alongside another FRC team in these last few days.  We enjoy visiting with them, and sharing ideas.  They are great scrimmage partners, and they have also figured out how to keep Tetrix motors from burning out.  Here’s a picture, shared with permission of the Cyberfalcons.

tetrix solutionWe’re trying to repair our broken motors so we can test our minibot designs.

fixing tetrix

Our programmers were hard at work.  We’re getting a little frustrated with some issues with our jaguars.

“We’ve got toucans and jaguars working together….It’s like we’re the United Nations of the animal kingdom” -Duncan (Queen’s mentor)

programming is fun

We were extremely thankful for our marvelous dinner…not only did we have drinks, salad and muffins….

dinner time…we also had a barbeque!  We had no idea what was in store for us until we opened the door and saw a remarkable sight.  There were two BBQs set up, and also a kitchen stove (converted to run on propane).  Many thanks to the Calligaris family for the feast!


yes, there is an oven!

Richard from Transformix came to visit us to see what we’re up to.  He’s impressed with how much work we’ve done so far.


We’ve been getting ready for family day.  It’s nice to have so many family members hanging out at the warehouse with us, helping us with our day-to-day work.  We appreciate the support and smiles from everyone who stops by to visit.

family time

….now here’s trouble!  They’re making a list, and checking it twice….perhaps they are up to something…..

making a plan
…These guys are up to something for sure!  Here’s our mentors competing in two-man luge….

two man luge

It’s coming down to the wire.  Everyone’s getting quite silly.  We’re all still friends, and that’s a good thing.  We look forward to a very fun and productive family day tomorrow.  We’re calling it PURPLE family day!

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One Response to Warehouse Day Two

  1. mikedotonline says:

    I just got a sneak peak of this year’s ‘bot. Notice to all competition, I hope you’re ready!

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