Warehouse Day One

Day 42: Today we are at Transformix Engineering‘s warehouse. We got here this morning and set up our quarter field.

set up

We are glad of the carpet that we brought back from GTR last year.

fieldOur robot is doing well, and has scored lots of tubes, even in autonomous mode!

scoringWe’re looking forward to seeing Frontenac’s team, the Cyberfalcons soon! They are bringing their robot to practice later today.

kbotics and cyberfalcons

Our driver and operator are hard at work…
drivers…but we’re all keeping busy with lots of little jobs.  We’ve been busy finishing up our circuit boards…

circuit boards…we make use of all little helpers we can find!


We have found lots of uses for our tubes.  They make great pillows…

nap time

nap time with cardboard Mike

…they are also really fun to throw!  We love the high ceilings in the warehouse.

tube tossOur Queen’s mentors are on their reading week now, and we are glad that they are staying in town to help us out!


Thanks so much to the families who brought us food today.  It was great!

yummyWe’ve taken a second look at some things….including our minibot design.  We’re calling it “Minibot Revisited”.

minibot revisitedWe look forward to seeing everyone at the warehouse soon!  We work from 10AM-10PM today, Sunday and Monday too.inspiration

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One Response to Warehouse Day One

  1. Gord says:

    I am super jealous….I hope you guys are having a lot of fun

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