We Scored!

Day 39:  Today we had an important visitor!  Brenda Hunter, the Director of the Limestone District School Board came to visit our robotics team and see our progress.


She asked us some great questions!  After touring our workspace and seeing our Logomotion robot, we watched our Chairman’s video, and discussed all of the non-robotic aspects of our team.


We have such fun together as a group.  We have learned so much over the past years.  Our skills have developed, and so has our confidence, and sense of community.  We look forward to what the future will bring for our team, and others in the area.


After our meeting, we got right to work!


We have taken over one of our hallways–unrolled carpet, and marked the field lines with duct tape.skype mentoring

We worked on circuit boards some more today.  They are coming along well.  It’s midterms, and our Queen’s mentors are studying a lot these days.  We were thrilled to have mentorship via Skype today!  Thanks for helping out Mike, we really appreciated it.

circuit boards

We may have had a slight issue with our minibot….(check out our rules)…here’s a kneecap…..

knee cap

All will be well, eventually, specially since we are allowed to start repairing parts of the Tetrix motors according to the latest Team Update.

hand washing

Here at K-Botics, we do everything as a team….including washing up for dinner.pizza!

Thanks so much to our school principal for ordering pizza for us tonight!  We appreciate all of the support our school gives us!


Later in the evening we set up our scoring rack in the school hallway.  Our robot was able to score a few tubes!  It had difficulty on the top center peg because of our low ceilings.  Thanks to a clever custodian for removing a ceiling tile for us.  It made practice a lot easier!  We’ll be working from a warehouse space this weekend….with much higher ceilings!


We’re working hard, and are feeling excited about competition this year!  There’s lots to do in the last 6 days.

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