Full Of Hot Air

Day 38: Look at this! We got our circuit boards in the mail today from Advanced Circuits, one of our sponsors.
circuit boardsWe are thrilled to start adding the components to the board.


Look at her go!

solderingOur scouting teams were very active at the start of our meeting…we’re researching other teams’ websites and the Blue Alliance website.


We’ve started making our scouting binder for use at competition….


…but then everyone started to blow up tubes–we’re getting close to needing tubes for robot practice.

ubertube lung power you can do it
working hard good work great job

We’re full of hot air!

wheres Paige?

These tubes are great fun to play with!  logomotion

“They’re soft cushiness!”-Sam (grade 9)

They can be used to demonstrate static electricity very effectively!


“It was colourful, kind of hot, and really annoying when people poked me!” -Paige (grade 9)


We were lucky to find a place to store all of these tubes.  We don’t want anyone popping them in between practices.

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