We LOVE Our Robot

Day 37:  Happy Valentine’s Day!
We’re working hard to get our robot in working order.  It’s making noises, but not going too far.  bumpers

Our bumpers look great though!  Thanks to all who painted so carefully today.

scouting sheet

Our scouts got working on the pit scouting and field scouting sheets.  For more information on what we do for scouting, please consult our scouting whitepaper. WAFFLES

We had a great crowd of visitors today.  We love the W.A.F.F.L.E.S. and they brought us a valentine’s day card and treats.card

valentines card

We demolished 6lbs of gummy bears in 2 hours.  Just wait for the sugar rush to kick in.


We got presents in the mail today.lights

Our lights are AWESOME!!!

We’re working on getting the robot driving, and operating as we’d like it.  Our programmers had “Story Time With Tom” while some others of us worked on the mechanical aspects of our robot.

Story Time With Tom

Minibot construction continues too.  We’re working on making our current model lighter.  We’re also working on keeping our last few Tetrix motors in working order.

mr. minibot

Our dinner was great today.  We had pasta, salad and garlic bread–quite a romantic Valentine’s dinner!

yummy dinner

We even had Valentine’s cupcakes!

so many cupcakes

After dinner we had a visit from “Cardboard Mike”.  He’s impressed by our robot…and that makes us happy.

cardboard mike

8 Days left!  We’re going to cram as much quality robot time in as possible.

How is your team doing?

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One Response to We LOVE Our Robot

  1. Mentor Mike says:

    Is it me or is Opti getting in on the smile-action too? And 6lb of gummies, I’m kinda glad I’m NOT there! Ha.

    And Omega, don’t loose those eyes as they roll into the back of your head in excitement. We need those for competition!

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