Sunday Night

At K-Botics, we believe in safety first….even when slicing onions!

safety first!

We had a yummy pasta lunch, followed by some discussion of electrical box configuration.  We have learned that next year we’ll allow for a little bit more space.  All of our components and wires fit, but there is limited room for fingers!

electrical box

We have painted 2 coats of white paint on our bumpers to make the numbers stand out.  We outlined the numbers that we stenciled using puffy paint.  This makes nice guidelines for further coats of paint.bumpers

Our pit crew started practicing how to talk to judges and answer questions about our team and the robot.  They are off to a great start!practice judging

We finally got our robot on the ground today–well, first we put it on the scale to see how close we are to the weight limit.  So far so good!

weighing the robot

We hooked up all components and tried to make the robot go.  Everyone is anxious to see it drive!  waiting

The pressure is on for all the programmers….team dinner

We ate a delicious dinner tonight, with cake and ice cream for dessert!  We love our parents!!!T-Shirt Design

After dinner we did a little T-Shirt designing for the 10th anniversary of FIRST robotics in Canada.  There’s a competition, and the deadline’s tomorrow.  We’re submitting at least one entry.chairmans

Our team gathered to see the almost final version of our Chairman’s video at the end of our meeting today.  It is great to see how it has come together.  The video represents us well, and explains how our team is making a difference in our school, and our community.  Thanks to all who participated in the creation of this year’s video!

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