Sunday Morning

Day 36:  Our K-Botics family is so great!

Look at the breakfast that was delivered here this morning.  Yummy muffins!!

new glassesWe tried on our new glasses today!  Thanks to Hollingsworth Supply Services for donating them to us!  Some of them are tinted.  Some of them are big enough to go over prescription glasses.  The best thing is that they are scratch free!

glassesWe’re going to keep them that way with our safety glasses holder.  You can make one too (instructions)


We skyped with one of our mentors this morning.  It’s great to use technology to stay in touch.  Nobody want’s to miss any exciting robotic developments.


Our developments are incremental at this point…


…we’ve stopped adding metal.  We’re adding cables, cords, and connectors to our robot now.

zip ties

You can NEVER have enough zip ties!

running out

More wiring will take place today.

more wires
We hope our robot will be driving soon!

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