12 Hours of Robot Building

Day 35:  Today was a day for wiring!


We connected so many components with so much tiny wire….


Do you want to know what happens after 12 hours of robot building?

feeling like week 6

very excited

long day


Some of us are as worn out as this Tetrix motor


note: this is not one of our new motors

Over the course of the day, our minibot grew a tail….


…our robot was outfitted with some safety features.

adding safety features

“At first the tubes were going to be popped by chain.  Now they’ll be popped by Lexan.  What should we add next?  Bunnies?” -Henry (grade 12) and Duncan (Queen’s Mentor)


We got to see the first viewing of the chairman’s video.

chairman's video

censored by Tim

Good work on the video editing!


Excited to be nearing the end!

Some of our mentors are working on some programming details…


…and looking for tools.

looking for lost tools

The Tweedles have found alternate uses for some of our tools.

tweedle style

“Barber and dentist.  Two in one.  That’s Tweedle style” -Duncan (Queen’s Mentor)

smile Tim!

It’s been a long day.  We’re all a bit tired, but we”ll be back again to do it again tomorrow!


Get Ready For Week 6


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2 Responses to 12 Hours of Robot Building

  1. Mentor Mike says:

    Who let the baby solder?!?!?!?

  2. T Dum says:

    They let me do it too

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