Dear Mikey

Day 34:  We hope you’re feeling better soon!  We have missed you, but we’re working really hard.

wiring things up

We’re wiring things up….and making sure that things are colour coded so we can easily identify all the wires.

“I only use good crimpers!” -Wesley, grade 10


We had a visitor today from FESTO.  He’s really keen to see our progress, and we’ll be saving seats at GTR this year for some FESTO employees!

Festo visit

We were excited to get many pairs of safety gloves donated from Hollingsworth Supply Services today.


We finished up our bumpers.  We’re tightening gear boxes…

gear box

…and attaching things to the robot.

look who was here

…and we noticed that our huge alligator clips look like a space ship!  Can you see it?  It even lights up!

space ship

We’ve been working on our minibot.  It sticks to the pole.  It climbs up and down.  We’re waiting to add sensors.  We don’t know when it will be perfect, but we’re still working at it.

Mini Bot List of To-Do’s and Rules

(Authors: Wesley–Master of Minibot, Paige, and Marcello C.)

  1. Charge battery when not in use
  2. Nag Tweedle Dum about changing the gear box
  3. Fix wires-DO NOT SOLDER!
  4. Try to add a roller to the tail of the minibot.  If not possible, tell J-No.  He will prove you wrong!
  5. If you blow a fuse  DO NOT tell anyone!  (I do it all the time)
  6. SENSORS-Add-Find-Fix-Program-Test (not in order)
  7. Make sure everything is tight
  8. Do not tell other teams that we stole, borrowed, were inspired by their designs.
  9. Blow a motor and die!
  10. Make deployment mechanism or else all this work will be for nothing.
  11. Make sure the deployment mechanism works!
  12. Do not take the minibot apart or else Christine will break your knees.
  13. Do not listen to Mini-Tweedle when he is talking about a light bike.
  14. When testing the minibot always prepare to catch it!
  15. All workers on the minibot must pledge allegiance to the rules and to-do’s.

We had a delicious dinner…

yummy dinner

…and J-No drank your apple juice!

juice box

Part way through the evening, we found out that there’s a match maker program on the school website.  Maybe love is in the air?

match maker

Where are we going to be on Valentines day?  HERE!  with the robot.


In the spirit of Valentine’s day, the Tweedles posed for this picture.

That’s all that you missed tonight Mike!  We hope you have a good weekend.  See you later!



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2 Responses to Dear Mikey

  1. WesBot says:

    The rules and to-Do’s have been censored!!!
    Good crimpers ftw!

    Yours truly,

  2. T Dum says:

    Re ordered list.

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