We’re NOT Rappers!

Day 28: Welcome to week 5!

We started off our day with donuts…..silly Tweedles!!


Lots of little jobs got done today. We figured out how to lay out some wires and connectors.


We painted the blue side of our bumpers, and then (after they had dried) we mounted the bumpers on our robot.


More work was done on our minibot…and we may have burned out another Tetrix motor. It’s getting a little frustrating!


Parents came to visit us throughout the day. It’s fun to give them a tour of our workspace, and it’s great to see their expressions when they see our robot for the first time. We had a delicious and very healthy lunch today. Our parents take great care of us!

After lunch we added some important details to our robot: Here are some “seat belts” that are keeping electrical boxes in place.


We’re adding Lexan pieces to support some important components.


Hooray for pool noodles–good for more than just bumpers!


What’s this? We’re not telling–not yet anyway!


We have worked on our Chairman’s presentation: Things are shaping up well.


Small boxes….and big boxes!


Wrapping lessons took place in the hallway….we discovered how hard it is to wrap things neatly. Some of us are not very good (w)rappers…


We learned something about Alex today! He’s a reasonable DJ.

“I’d like to point out that I controlled your music for over an hour and nobody died!” -Alex, Queen’s mentor.

Today we also decided who’s doing what for competition:

Chairman’s Team: Tim, Kaley, Taylor B, Kylie

Drive Team: Duncan, Henry, Tim, Marcello

Tweedle Team: James, Colin, Taylor C

Pit Crew: Mike, Kaley, Elizabeth, Wesbot

Scouting/Prophecy/Dance: Alex, Remi, Kylie, Anton, Jacob, Dylan, Josh, Andrew, RJ, Joy, Christine, Tom, Kevin, Rachel, JNo

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One Response to We’re NOT Rappers!

  1. dMO says:

    Hi Guys,
    Great to see you are still having fun! dMO

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