Row Row Row Your Bot

Day 27:  Exams are done.  Classes are back on again, and robotics is happening every evening!  Some of our team took a break to focus on exam studying, but we were back in full swing now!

“When you’re here every day, it looks like you are making very little progress, but when you miss a week, you come back and suddenly there’s a robot!” -Nick, grade 9

We painted our bumpers today–the first coat at least.  We’ll work away at them over the weekend.


What can we do while waiting for the paint to dry?  We taught some of the boys how to play “Stella-Ella-Ola” !


We got presents in the mail today!  It’s always a thrill to unpack boxes.  Moments later we realized that we had a Josh-In-The-Box !

josh in a box

It’s important to check that we have everything we ordered.

lots of donations

Today’s package contained lots of wire from our new gold level sponsor, electrosonic.


Look at that–the wire is taller than Elizabeth!

What are we going to do with all of that wire?  We’re working on building our electrical box.

electrical box

This is our electrical box from last year (full of wires)…compared with this year’s electrical box (almost empty).

electrical box

We’re constantly working on ways to stay organized.  Multi-tiered storage containers seem to be our solution this year.


As we’re working, we take time to film webinars on various topics.  This one is all about using pneumatics.

Once again we’d like to thank our fantastic parents for providing us with delicious lasagna.


Our mentors are working really hard–dedicating lots of time to helping everyone learn.  Sometimes though, some of our mentors go a little crazy.


no mentors were actually harmed

We hope that you are having as much fun as we are!


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