A Close Up Look at Our Progress

Day 26:  The roads are cleared, and we worked later than usual tonight to make up for yesterday’s unexpected holiday.  We were so excited to get important packages in the mail today.  We’re still waiting on some vital components, but fingers crossed we’ll have them in tomorrow.


We got ourselves 4 bathroom scales so we can balance the weight of our robot.  We calibrated them today to make sure they all show accurate weight reading.


Maybe it’s the long hours….maybe it’s because week 4 is almost done…maybe we’re getting tired and clumsy….but at least when we spill an entire tray of sorted nuts and bolts everyone gets down on their knees to help pick things up.


We sewed the corner seams for our bumpers, then cut off the corners.  We stapled the fabric over the ends carefully so that the bumper can reverse without too much difficulty.


We had a break for dinner, and we want to thank our parents for yet another spectacular meal.  It was delicious!


Because we don’t want to give away what our robot looks like (the big picture anyway), we’ll show you some close up views of some possible robot components.

short screws whats this?
robots hex

It’s week 4.  Our robot is almost driving.  We’ve almost got all of our parts in the mail.  We’ve got several minibots that almost climb the pole.  We’re certainly having a great time, and learning a lot of new skills.  We’re making friends, and building a strong team.  We’re looking at the world through rose coloured glasses….

rose coloured glasses?

…or something like that!

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