Bumper Day!

Day 24:  This morning we finished the last of our cheese holing…at least for now!  We’re having fun adding more details to our robot.

heat gun

We’re bending lexan with a heat gun….it’s tricky to make nice corners, but we’re getting better at it!  We might be getting a little crazy.  Look at those faces! (Robot details are confidential!)


Today we got the right thickness of wood to mount bumpers, and it is now all cut to the right size.  The trick is determining how to mount bumpers to our robot.  To make them fit flush to the frame, we cut out small spaces for the screw heads to fit.bumper mounting

Look at that–it’s lined up perfectly!!

perfect fit

We drilled holes for our bolts, and attached them to the wood.

team workWe taped our pool noodles together, cut them to length, and then centered them on the board.

staple gunWe used a staple gun to make sure that the fabric is firmly attached, and stretched taut around the bumper.  It is important to center the flap seam on the other side while you do this!stencil

With a white fabric pencil, we traced our numbers onto the bumpers…..


…and then we traced the numbers in paint.  Hopefully we will be able to paint inside the lines later!  Everything is going to dry overnight, and we’ll do the flip side another day.  We haven’t done the corner pocket details yet.  We’ll show pictures when we do.

Tomorrow we are doing demos all morning for groups of grade 8s who are touring the school.  We’re cleaning up our room now and getting our Lunacy robot ready to present to them.




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