Monday Evening

Auto-punching for the cheeseholes

It’s Monday Evening and we’ve been working hard all day! We are continuing to cheesehole our metal parts so that we can move on to robot assembly.

Drilling for the cheese-holes

We use a drill press to drill the holes. We learned that it is important to drill pilot holes to make our cheeseholing as neat as possible!

More finished cheeseholes

We are hoping to get all of the cheeseholing done by the end of tonight- then, tomorrow, we will be able to concentrate on other things.

Cutting and bending our Lexan

On another note, we have been working on the Lexan parts for our robot! We have been doing lots of bending and cutting!

Sound board for Chairman's Video

Our Chairman’s video is still coming along well. We are working on our skills with sound and we are trying some new things to try to improve the sound quality of our video this year. Thanks so much to Mr. Rose and the Radio department for helping us out!

Collecting pool noodles for our bumpers

Our bumpers are coming along nicely- we have been collecting pool noodles to build them. Hopefully they will be coming together in the next few days! Our bumpers are reversible- we have instructions on how to make them here.

One of our parents brought us dinnerTo end our day well, a wonderful parent of one of the Kbotics students brought us dinner and desert. It was delicious- thank-you very much!

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