BAM! Not Cantilevered

Day 21: We started the morning with a brief meeting with our Chairman’s team.  We look forward to the next few weeks of preparation for our presentation.


We prepared our mailing for our sponsors to keep them up to date with our progress.  It’s so important to thank everyone for all the help that they give us.


Part of our team did a bit of espionage for the NYC regional.  We’re going through the list of teams to see what they’ve accomplished in the past, and to check out any progress this year.  Sizing up the competition is an important scouting task.


Tweedles are still being tweedles…they were up early this morning working at Transformix…they must be tired now.


In the back of the room, in robot-building central, we’re hard at work clamping things together.


It’s great to see our robot begin to take shape.  Since yesterday it has grown so much!

extreme closeup

Any guesses on what this is?

We’ve cut metal and lexan…and now we’re putting all the pieces together.


Precision is important at this stage.  We want to make sure everything is well tightened, and that all of our pieces fit together well.

“Hey it fits! It’s almost like we CADded it that way” –Duncan, Queen’s mentor


After our pizza lunch we set to work cheese-holing all the metal we have!


First we drill to mark out the bear paws…


…then we drill out the circles….

cheese holes

…then the deburring…


We add bear paws to EVERYTHING!

bear paw

“Supported on both ends….BAM! not cantilevered” –JNo, Queen’s mentor

high five

Parents have been coming to visit us and see our progress.  They can’t believe the stories that they hear, so they need to come and see for themselves what cool things are happening here every day.

parents visiting

You should come and visit too!  This is one of the most exciting times of the season–the time where you can see a box of metal become a robot!

Time To Go Home

It’s also a pretty tiring time of year.  Time for everyone to enjoy a restful Sunday.

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