Day 20:  TGIF!  Today marks the end of week 3 and we’re looking forward to a productive evening and weekend session.  Our new chassis is getting gearboxes and wheels, and we hope to see it driving around soon.  We’re working on many little jobs this afternoon like measuring out where holes should go…it’s important to check and double check the CAD.


….drilling holes….


…and tapping.


We have some dedicated minibot designers who have set a lofty goal for themselves.

“We’ll have a working minibot by the end of the day!” –Wesley, grade 10

Now that our new Tetrix motors have come in, we’ll be able to test all the designs that we have been imagining for the past week!

After a day of studying/exams/robot building strange things happen!  Here are two of the strange moments that we caught on film today:

break time

You can bet there will be some trouble when you see people leaving the room with pool noodles, and hear this: “I need to go into the hall to take a break” -McKayla (grade 11)

put it back

There’s also trouble if you start to mess up the trail mix that was recently sorted.“Put it back where you got it! I’m not going to sort any more nuts!”–Elizabeth (grade 11)

There will surely be more strange moments to come.  Tomorrow starts bright and early with a group of dedicated students and mentors machining at Transformix Engineering at 6AM.  The rest of the team gathers at 10 at KC for another day of exciting robot building.

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