Day 19: Thanks so much to Derek at McLaughlin Hall, Queen’s University, for welding our chassis for us.welding

It’s going to be exciting to see our robot start to take shape!

In the mean time, we were busy here back at KCVI.  We have been helping with the Vanier Vipers FLL team.  They are so keen to keep practicing, they have kept up their meetings long past their competition.  They even requested to borrow one of our field tables again.  It’s great that we can help spread the love of science, technology, engineering, and robotics fun with other students within our building.  Maybe they will be K-Bots in the next few years.

lego set up

We were excited to welcome our principal this afternoon.  She came for a workshop tour and to see what our challenge is this year.  She’s excited to see our progress over the next few days and weeks.


We ended up in rather a state today…While working with our gearboxes we realized that there had been a problem made earlier in the process.  Rivets needed to be removed, which left aluminum shavings in amongst the gears.  We had to take everything apart and make sure that the gears were clean.  We greased them again, and reassembled the boxes.

greasy gears

We explained to our principal all about the gear boxes and why we were taking them apart and putting them back together again.


We’re making great headway on our Chairman’s video.  With so many great interviews, we’re going to have lots of quotes to choose from!

video editing

We’re attaching our jaguars….


…discussing sensors…discussing components

…removing our wheels from the test chassis….

removing wheels

…and preparing our new chassis for action!JNo

Some of us are feeling a bit tired.  We’re almost halfway through build.  Exams are taking their toll.  Nap time can make everything better!



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