We’re Getting Silly

Day 18:  Work started bright and early today.  Some of our Queen’s University mentors were working at the McLaughlin Hall Machine Shop cutting parts for our chassis.

Since it is exams this week there are no scheduled classes.  Our workshop is open all day for people to come in and work on our robot.  We started off the morning sewing bumper fabric.  By the end of the day about 8 of our members had learned to use these sewing machines!  Talk about team work.


Later in the day, we worked on riveting together a metal box that we made.


We’re consulting our CAD drawings and measuring carefully to mark where holes should be drilled.

measuring carefully

Sticking with tradition, we’re cheese holing our work with bear paws.  This is one way to show our KCVI spirit!  (our mascot is the blue bear)

cheese hole

We are getting good at using the shear to cut our pieces.  All it takes is precision to line up the blade carefully, and then some good sized muscles to cut the material.


Work continues on our minibot design.  We’re intrigued by video we’ve seen of other minibots climbing up towers.  We’re still waiting on either new Tetrix motors, or an easy way to fix them.


sorting through minibot parts

By late afternoon we had started filming interviews again for the Chairman’s video that we’re making.  We were thrilled to have Mr. Labrie, our superintendent, visit us again.  He spoke very highly of our program, and the impact that we’re having in the school, community, and the entire school board.  He looks forward to visiting again in the next 26 days to see our robot take shape.


As time goes by, we start to get a bit silly.  Maybe it’s exams.  Maybe it’s that we’re half way through week 3 of build.  Maybe it’s that we’re spending almost all of our waking hours together.  Who knows the reason, but mentors seem to be a little bit unpredictable these days.


The Tweedles are working well together as usual

It's not JNo's fault

For once Mike isn't blaming everything on JNo!

deburring giggles

Things like de-burring make us really happy!

After working hard for the whole day, we enjoyed a dinner together as a team.  Many thanks go out to all of the K-Botics parents who have signed up to provide dinner during our late days in build season.  We appreciate having a time to sit down together as a team and eat something healthier than donuts and pizza!


team dinner

Thanks to our K-Botics Parents for the great dinner!

It gives us energy to work late into the night and build not only fantastic robots, but friendships and memories that will last a lifetime.

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