Making Reversible Bumpers

Are you tired of spending time in the pit switching bumpers between matches?  Would you like to save time and material?  Would you like to impress other teams with your bumper awesomeness?

Why not make Reversible Bumpers this year?

reversible bumpers

2809 reversible bumpers from 2010

We have written a set of instructions (.pdf) so you can make them too!  The instructions are also listed on our Resources page.

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2 Responses to Making Reversible Bumpers

  1. SWAT 771 is going to try your reversible bumpers. Great idea! Thanks for posting the instructions. Also, do you have advice on connecting to the robot frame. In the past we have used pieces of angle iron with bolts through the frame. This takes time to take on and off. When in a hurry, we can zip tie. What does K-Botics do?

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