Cleaning Up

Day 16:  There’s a HUGE poster of our robot design up on the wall now.  It certainly caught people’s eyes as they walked past.  Hard to believe that in a few short weeks we’ll be driving it around!robot CAD

Our metal order has arrived at Transformix Engineering, and some of their machinists have been cutting it into reasonable sizes so we can get our chassis cut and welded soon.  Thank you Transformix!!  In the mean time we’re hard at work organizing our workspace.  There are going to be so many of us working, that it’s important we all know where our tools should go!

clean up

We’re labeling boxes so our parts that we make will all be put in the right place before assembly.


All of the little bags and boxes were taken out of the cupboards and arranged.  It took a while to get it all done.


We vacuumed EVERYTHING even inside our tool box!


Then we put tools back in a very organized way.

toolsLook at our beautiful room now!  We’ve got bets on when it will look chaotic again. Maybe if we all work together we can keep it nice and organized.


While all of the cleaning was going on, some of us went on a field trip to get bumper material.  We were tempted to make fuzzy bumpers….

fuzzy bumpers

…but we settled on something very similar to last year.  It’s a simple twill that is not stretchy, very durable, and can be sewn without any fancy needles.


We used some of our school’s metal cutting and bending tools today to form a few parts for our robot.  bender

Of course, to keep our school spirit, we cheeseholed in the form of bear paws! We got through the first 3 steps of the process today.

Step 1: Print design for cheese holes.  Mark centers of circles.

Step 2: Using a punch, make a hole on each center.

punching centers

Step 3: Drill through each center hole with the drill press


Tomorrow is the last day of classes before exams.  Room 107 will be open during exam time to work/work on robots.  We will continue to keep our regular evening schedule.  Come out and build robots, but be sure to study too!

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