While We Wait For Metal

Day 14: We didn’t get our metal order here on time to do any machining today, but we put our weekend work day to good use getting ready for our build.  We made circuit board diagrams….

circuit board

…learned how to use a catalog/website to shop for important parts. “We’re searching for male female disconnects” -Taylor (grade 10)


Our programming mentors were very focused!


Our minibot team was testing new prototypes and ideas….


Some of us were investigating the innards of a Tetrix gear box to see how they work.  Hope we can put the pieces back the right way!

motor dissection

We had a delicious pasta lunch.  Leftovers never tasted so good!

team lunch

“A Tweedle, spotted in his natural habitat” -Duncan, 2nd year Queen’s mentor


It’s so important to clean up when you’re using another person’s workspace.  We need to keep on good terms with our Food & Nutrition teachers, and our custodians when we’re here after hours.  We invited our custodians for lunch with us, and then we did a good job of cleaning all the dishes.

cleaning up

After lunch there were some discussions about what controls should be allocated to the driver, and which ones should go to the operator.

controller ideas

We’re still working on making our dead Tetrix motors go.  We had a new idea today about how to solder on a new lead.  We’re waiting on a resistor, and then we can test our “repair” job.  It will be nice to see if some of our minibot ideas work.  We’re getting good at imagining that they do!  While we worked we listened to the “One Hit Wonder Hour” thanks to our D.J.s The Tweedles!

soldering motor fix?

We’re working hard to help the Cyberfalcons get through some tricky parts of robot set-up.  One of their mentors came to visit today to get some things sorted out.  We wish them luck.  There are lots of hurdles for rookies to overcome in their first build season.

Frontenac HelpLine

We’re glad to help out how we can.

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