Family Dinner

Making dinner is hard work!  We started at 4:00pm to get ready to feed our big K-Botics family.  After a quick grocery run, we used our “good sized muscles” to get all the ingredients to the kitchen at school and we set to work.  This was no ordinary meal.  We were cooking for our parents, so it had to be good!


We cut peppers…


and celery…



onions and garlic

onions, and garlic….


mushrooms….and carrots….


and made a wonderful salad, and pasta dinner for everyone to enjoy.


We had close to 60 people join for dinner!  It was nice to sit down as one big family and talk about what we are up to this season.


We introduced ourselves and spoke a little bit about what FIRST robotics means to us as students, mentors, teachers, and parents.  We showed the game animation for Logomotion, and showed how to get to our blog to see daily updates of our progress.  We invited everyone to come and visit us while we’re working, and to sign up to bring food for some of our late nights.

kids table

Kids talked to kids….parents talked to parents….


…it’s fun to share the excitement of build season, and to start getting pumped up for competition season too!


We are hoping to inspire some of these young K-Botics fans to join our ranks when they get a bit older.


After dinner we had some tours of our workshop, and demos of our robot from 2009 as well as a top-secret-no-cameras-allowed-demo of our prototype for this year’s competition.

Many thanks to all parents and families who joined us.  We look forward to getting to know you all better as the season continues.  Thanks to Mrs. Dopking and to everyone who helped cook and clean up, those who arranged tables, set up A.V. equipment, ran robot demos and workshop tours.  It’s so great to have a big team that can split up and accomplish so many tasks. We also want to thank our school custodians who changed their clean up routines to allow us to occupy so much space after hours.

There’s going to be a great leftover pasta lunch tomorrow!

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