The Adventures of the Tetrix Motor!

Day 13:

Today we did lots of work on our mini-bot!

Mini-bot building!

Ever wonder what the inside of a tetrix motor looks like and have been too scared to look inside?Scary Insides!

Well ours stopped working…..

One brain or two?

So the Tweedles -for testing and prototyping purposes only- attempted to solder the tetrix motor to fix it. Eventually they gave up, and instead….

Burnt out!

Opened them up!

While we wait for replacement motors prototyping for our minibot continues.

When asked : “What do we do now?”

We reply:

“We just imagine it working” – Wesley (Grade 10)

Along with our Mini-bot adventures, we welcomed two new members to our team! We are very impressed how they jumped right in helping with bumper planning and filming Webinars. Hard at Work!

We introduced the new members to The Rules of K-Botics! Simultaneously we discussed and revised the rules.

Some "serious" discussion

What sort of  robotics adventures did you have today?

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