A Productive Wednesday!

Day 12:

We have been working very hard as our deadlines are fast approaching!

visitThis afternoon, though, we had lots of fun showing a guest from Queens around our work area and showing her our robots from past years.  She is a researcher with the KINARM.  It was interesting to hear all about her work with robots.

showing the 610 robotWe have started brainstorming ideas for our bumpers, we have been collecting pool noodles!

Pool Noodles!We were happy to see lots of people at today’s meeting, as there was lots of CAD and programming to do.

planning and plottingOur CAD drawings are coming along well, we are hoping to place some orders for supplies later this week so it is important that we have everything planned out by then!

Metal ordersWe also worked hard on programming so that we can test some of the prototypes that we have been building.

fun times programmingWe had lots of fun taking pictures for the blog today, as we always do!

Remi showing off his camera skillsWe hope that tomorrow will be a productive day like today!

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