Sound Track for Build Season

Day 11:  At the start of our meetings we have a meeting to discuss our timeline and our tasks.


Wesley didn’t clean up yesterday, so he got to wear the apron of doom!  Hopefully he won’t have to wear it again tomorrow.

apron of doom

This apron has been worn by others on the team too.  This is a classic picture from last year.

apron of doom

Our gears needed a bit more grease.  We’re proud of our new members for getting in there and getting dirty.

greasing the gears

Way to go girls!

changing motors

Another one of our new girls brought in a bucket of spare parts donated from Transformix Engineering.  We look forward to incorporating them into our robot designs.


Some of us were working on minibot designs and wiring.


It was great to have some little helpers in our shop today.  Logan is a member of the W.A.F.F.L.E.S. LEGO robotics team.  They competed in the provincial competition last weekend.

little helper

Everyone has a job on our team.  Some of us are using our French talents to prepare for a bilingual webinar.  We want to connect with all the rookie and returning teams from Quebec.


Work is also progressing on our Chairman’s video submission.  We have a story board made up.


Blogging is something that we do at the end of each meeting.  It is often a funny process.  We are sometimes overtired….

“This blog is making me so laughy!” -Paige (grade 9)

Another fun game we play is looking through the many boxes of random vinyl records that are in our work room.  We noticed that if you pull out several records in a row the titles often make a funny sentence.  These are our favourites.

August Evening Lady, Good Times, I Know

Dirty Old Man, Love of My Life, Wheels

We’re going to have to bring in a record player to hear what they sound like.  For now, youtube will have to do!  It’s our new build season sound track.

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