Wheels Are Turning

Day 10: We’re greasing up our gears, getting ready to make our chassis go!  Wheels turned today, and that made us really happy.

greasing gearboxes

We’re making sensible names for our CAD drawings and taking inventory for our metal order.

renaming CAD

We need to check things over several times to make sure that we can find our different CAD parts later this season and in future seasons. Having everything organized in separate folders means that all of our mentors and students can find things when they need them!

sorting sensors

We also sorted and tested our sensors today. We want to make sure that everything was working well so that our sensors are ready to use when we need them!

new labels

We continue to label our parts as they arrive.  This way we can make sure that we use the newest parts on our robot and the older parts on our prototypes.team dinner

Thanks so much to one of our K-Botics parents for providing a team dinner for us.  Tuna casserole warmed us all up nicely (notice the mittens…it’s a cold school in the winter!)  Team dinners help us take a break from the robots, and have a laugh together.  We had a few new members join us today, and they really enjoyed having dinner with the team.  Hope to see them back again soon.mentoring

After dinner we worked on our minibot designs.  We’ve got some pretty creative ideas, and one has climbed our pole a few times!

As he left today Wesley said:

“I’m going to leave while the robot is working!” -Wesley (Grade 10) minibot

Webinar video editing continues…and so does work on our chairman’s video.  This year we’re going to have LOTS of videos on our youtube channel.

webinar So far we’re on track with our schedule!  Three cheers for that!

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