Sorting The Trail-Mix

Day 8:  What a snowy day!  Thanks to all the K-Botics members and mentors who got to school and spent the day working so hard.  We’ve got a tower assembly built now.

towerBecause of our short ceilings, we cut the pole to fit in our classroom.  We have a longer pole that we can use in the hallway or when we get our warehouse/test area set up.


Our CAD team made great progress on our robot parts while our programming team spent time updating the firmware on the jaguars.  We still haven’t seen our test chassis move.  Monday will be the big day!

updating firmware

Can you guess what this is???

prototypePrototyping continues on minibot and manipulators for our host bot.

mentoringWe were pleased to have Richard from Transformix helping out today with wiring for our minibot designs.  There’s lots of math involved with figuring out proper circuitry.

solderingWe tried hooking up our new circuits, which involved a few soldering lessons.  Webinar writing continued throughout the day.  Over the next few days we will be loading them on Youtube and creating a webinar section on this site.

webinarWhat would you like to see in a webinar?

While our footage uploaded we got to see our mentor dissect a rubik’s cube.

rubik's cube

this is one way to solve it!

We also used our down time throughout the day to clean up and organize our workspace.  Have you noticed how there are often baggies or containers of nuts and bolts (aka metal trail-mix) that get tucked away in cupboards or on shelves?sorting the trail-mixSorting the “trail-mix” is never a favourite job, but if we all work together it gets done faster.  We needed to take stock this weekend so we can order new supplies on Monday.

sorting the trail-mixToday we were thrilled to have lots of parents visit us to see our progress.  Robotics is a family affair: feel free to come and visit any time!

parentsWe appreciate all the support, and the cookies and muffins that our families deliver to us!  There’s a meal sign up sheet by the lab door, we hope that we’ll get some families signing up to provide evening meals when we stay late.  Thanks to those who already have signed up!

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