We’re Climbing The Pole!

Day 7:

There’s only one month, one week, and one day until ship day!

The Transformix logo

After school today some of our members visited one of our sponsors; Transformix generously donated some sensors for our robot!  We appreciate how they help us with our robot every step of the way.  From attending our kick-off and brainstorming sessions, mentoring us and teaching us how to use their machine shop, helping us acquire a testing location, and cheering us on at competitions, they are some of our biggest fans.

One of our mentors was feeling under the weather today, but he was still here in spirit!


JNo on webcam
What a dedicated mentor!

We miss you J-No” -Gord (mentor)

Our first Minibot prototype is coming along well, we’re hard at work designing and prototyping.  It has had a test drive up the pole with great success.

It’s better than I thought!” -Wesley (grade 10)

Team members standing around the design table

We’ve cut a pole for the minibot to climb.  It is shorter than regulation height, because we don’t have 10 foot high ceilings.  We are working together to build the tower base.  We appreciate the mentoring of our friend Mr. Firth who makes the trip from another school to spend time with us in the evenings.

Some team members assembling the base for the minibot tower

We’re already building a prototype drive system for our host bot.  We hope to drive it before we leave tonight.

We are using Autodesk Inventor to design our robot parts.  Using CAD is an important skill and we are lucky enough to have mentors who can teach our new members to use it.  We are also establishing naming conventions for our files so the part numbers on the drawings correspond to the part numbers on the pieces.  This will make assembly a smoother process. (see our guide for organizing machined parts)

As always, snacks are an important part of our long meetings.  Today one of our team grandmothers made us cupcakes!  They were very tasty, and we were sure to thank her with a special card.  It is important to thank the people that help us survive build season.  For ideas about what to write on thank you notes please see our guide.

A K-Botics member hard at work writing

A member holding a thank you card

It's very important to show appreciation!

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