We Got Mad Wheels

Day 6:

picture dayWe got our pictures taken for the year book today! An easy and extremely fun way to become well known throughout the school. After a little trouble organizing our members we got together for what we think is a beautiful team photo.


We got mad wheels!

Wheels arrived today, and we’re trying them out.  Our prototype chassis will be driving soon we hope.

Minibot Brainstorming

We got our FTC parts today and it created a very excited, yet efficient fury.

“Yaaay!!!” – Tim (Grade 11)

Picture Love

We got together with the new parts and continued to brainstorm about our ideas for an effective mini bot.


After hard work a snack break is necessary!

Students Working

Cutting circles is sometimes harder than it seems.  We used a dremel to cut them.  Our jig saw attempts were not as successful.


After a little hard work cleaning is always necessary!  We’re getting better at keeping our lab space clean.

“By day it is a computer lab with psych hospital walls.  By night it is a space where magical things happen” -Harry (grade 12)

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