Physics is Phun

Day 4 is here…and we’re doing physics!


We’ve been trying to find out the spring constant of our surgical tubing.  Thankfully we have a weight room next to our workshop.

physicsAfter the experimenting, there’s always lots of math to do.

“Math–It hurts, but it helps” -Henry (Grade 12)

In other news, the frame for the scoring racks was assembled, and it can even fit through the doorway!  We’re a bit confused about the actual rack dimensions, so we’re double checking things and we’ll assemble them tomorrow.  It’s important to double check things before cutting or gluing!


We have been sanding the ends for the racks and noticed that they look like our logo!


Some of us have been working on learning CAD.  Our returning members have been teaching our newer members.  It’s nice to be able to mentor each other.


To test our wheel choices and configurations, we’re starting to assemble the kit robot.  Many hands make light work…chassis

…but sometimes it’s still a struggle.


We’ve been discussing sensors a lot lately.  We’re looking into wiring and electrical issues now.  It’s important to consider all of these factors in the planning stages of robot building.


Now that we’re in our third year, we’ve got lots of robot parts around our workshop.  We’ve started to label our motors, gear boxes, and any other parts that might change over the years with the year that we purchased them.  We can have an idea of what parts are really old and might need replacing.

label parts

We noticed today that we’re getting famous around the school.  It was a great surprise to see that we were awarded the “Tip of the Hat”.  Every week a school group is recognized for their contribution to the school and community.  Thanks to KCVI for recognizing our hard work!

tip of the hat


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