Productive Brainstorming

Day 3 and we’re still going strong!  Today we met and discussed wheels and drive systems and we’ve now got a pretty good idea of what we’re going to do.

discussionAfter much debate and discussion, and CAD mock-ups we’ve also got a good plan for how we’re going to deal with the tube scoring mechanism.

prototypes prototype

Prototypes have been started, but we’re not showing much here….

pass the tube

We brainstormed by playing a game of “pass-the-tube” to generate ideas for how to grab or fling or move the logo pieces. Some of our ideas were pretty ridiculous, but that’s what brainstorming is all about.

field construction

Others in the group made good headway in constructing various parts of the field.  We’re not sure how to store such large racks in our classroom!

homeworkWe took breaks for dinner, snacks, and also homework.  Homework is very important!

media binderWe are thrilled to have another article to add to our media binder.  We were in the Whig Standard today with the Cyber Falcons (team 3710).  Kick off was mentioned on several local radio stations as well.  Pretty soon everyone in Kingston will have heard about us.displayTo spread the word about our club, and try to show people what fun we have, we put together a display for the case in front of the main office. We put two of our game pieces in there for safe keeping, along with some tools that we don’t need for the next week, and several colour pictures of our team in action.

mentorsWe asked our members, new and old, to give us a phrase to explain our team, or to dispel myths about what goes on at robotics club.  Each answer was cut out and taped to the glass on the front of the display case.

masked man

Here’s the most recent robotics hat, made by the masked man himself.  There’s even a knitted tongue sticking out!  You’ll never know what you’re going to see at robotics…

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