Public Displays of Fun

brainstormingIt’s hard to believe that day 2 of build season was as fun as kick off!  After dreaming of robot designs all night, we had lots of ideas to start sketching out and prototyping.  We appreciate the help of our mentors every step of the way!


There was lots of math today to figure out the forces and speeds that we’re hoping for.  We also had a much closer look at the dimensions of things.

figuringAlong with the robot and minibot we are focusing on building parts of the field.  We’ve got lots of PVC pipe and wood that we’re cutting up to make the scoring rack.  We also  unrolled the carpet that we got last year at GTR.  We’re hoping to get a warehouse space to set up a partial field later this season.

carpetWe are mentoring team 3710, the Cyber Falcons, and are starting to make a series of videos to give them helpful hints throughout build season.  It’s also a great way to show everyone just how much fun we are having.  At K-Botics we encourage public displays of fun!webinarsToday we filmed many topics, and will edit them into some short videos over the next few days.  We had a lot of fun making our dance videos! dance

The blooper reel should be quite a sight to see.  Taking a dance break is a good way to relieve a little build season stress.


We were happy to have guests visit us today to see what we do.  During build season our door is open–please come in and we’ll show you around!

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One Response to Public Displays of Fun

  1. Ninya says:

    More like PDA–Public Displays of Awesomeness! Looking good, guys. Can’t wait for the dance videos 🙂

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