It was a great day today at KCVI.  We gathered before the webcast to meet and mingle with the rookies: team 3710 from Frontenac Secondary School.  Many of our K-Bots are rookies too, so there was definitely a buzz in the room.

“I’m so excited and I don’ t know what for!” -Dominick, grade 9

We showed our robot from last year, and some of the Cyber Falcons took a turn at driving it around the halls.  It will be great at the end of build when we can practice together sometime!

There were reporters for local newspapers and local TV news–Look for the articles, and the broadcasts!

Pretty soon the game was revealed, and we learned what we’d be focused on for the next 6 weeks.  Here’s the animation:

After a pot luck lunch, with excellent robot-themed foods…


First Prize: this looks JUST like last year's robot!


second prize: FIRST logo--very appropriate for this year!


cupcakes were purple, blue and white inside--those are our colours

…we read through the rules in small groups to make sure that we understood all of the restrictions and dimensions and scoring rules.game interpretationIt is important to read everything in great detail so we can make good choices in our design.


rulesThen we took over part of the library to simulate the game-play.

mockfieldWe enjoy this time to “be robots”.  We get a chance to be a little silly, and it really helps us understand what the game is all about.  simulation

Hula-hoops were good substitute for the game pieces, and we were great racks, poles, robots and mini-robots.  simulation

Later in the afternoon we divided up into small groups to brainstorm what we want the robot to be able to do.

brainstormWe joined back together and presented our ideas.


In our discussions we considered different scoring options, talked about speed and maneuverability, and discussed ideas for the mini-bot.

brainstorm“I think the mini-bot should be fast and small just like me!” -Paige, grade 9

kickoffOur Toronto kick-off crew arrived towards the end of the day.  It was so exciting to see our game pieces, and to hear their ideas of how to play the game.

logomotionWe are going to meet tomorrow at 9:00AM until 5:00PM to continue with our brainstorming and to decide what ideas we will prototype.

How was your Kick Off?

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3 Responses to Logomotion

  1. mikedotonline says:

    Looks great, team! The game looks fantastic this year, wish I could be brainstorming along with you!

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  3. Taylor .C says:

    My first kickoff was freaking amazing!!!!!

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