Two More Sleeps

There are just two more sleeps until Kick Off and we’re all really excited!  The Beta-Testing that we’ve been doing is wrapping up, and our programming team is excited about getting started with the new challenge.

excited programmers

excited programmers

We had a talented group of sign makers create many signs to welcome our friends and family, and other community members to our Kick Off festivities.

artists at workWe’re hoping for good weather so that we can fill our cafeteria with excitement on Saturday.


A particularly warm welcome goes out to our new friends the Cyber Falcons, team 3710 from Frontenac Secondary School who will be joining us for Kick Off this year.

We’re still trying to finish up our Skills robot, as all work will halt on that one until FRC build season is done.  Improvements are still being made, and we’re proud of all that we’ve done so far.


Identical drills on each side will help make our robot drive straight!  Getting everything attached is harder than it looks though.skills

Sometimes it takes a team to get things working the way they should.teamworkOur safety glasses have found a new home now too!  We have a wall hanging with many pockets all made from fleece.  Instructions can be found here.  This will hopefully keep us from losing/scratching our glasses.

We are continuing our preparations for Kick Off.  We’ll post a link to the webcast, and the twitter feed so everyone can follow along with us.  Enjoy your two more sleeps!

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