Practice Kick Off

The days are ticking down, ever closer to January 8th when our challenge will be released.  To prepare for this special day, we had a practice run using the game from 2007–Rack and Roll.

rackandrollWe watched the animation on youtube, and scrutinized the rules that are archived on the FIRST website.  We split up into three smaller groups and brainstormed about ways to play the game.  There are many different strategies for all of the FIRST robotics challenges, so we kept ourselves busy for a while!

brainstormAfter writing our ideas on chart paper and white boards, we presented them to the rest of our team.

presentingWe compiled all of the ideas using software called SMART ideas.  So many times we brainstorm but lose some key points along the way.  Using the software allows everything to be documented graphically and then converted to a text document.

SMART ideasWe hope to use this approach for our kick off on January 8th as well.

How do you document your brainstorming?

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