Mentoring Mentors

We’re excited to welcome team 3710 the Cyber Falcons to join us for our kick-off celebrations this year. They are in their rookie year, and don’t have any idea how much hard work and how much fun is in store for them this season.


mentors mentoring mentors

One of their mentors came to visit us today to discuss details of team organization and build season timelines.  We talked about all of the game animations available on youtube, autodesk inventor, and chief delphi.  We also showed our sponsorship package and pamphlets from the past two years, along with our media binder.  We talked about using google documents/calendars for organizing communication and team interaction, and we’ve set up a mentorship plan that includes helping with bulk orders of supplies, and visits through out build season.

safety posters

composing the safety poster and presentation

To prepare for build season, we’re putting up new signs in our workspace.  Safety is so important, and we need signs to remind us of all the safety rules.  We have ares that are designated as safety glasses zones.  We need to have sensible shoes, and no dangling cords/jewelry/or hair in work areas.  Several team members put together a powerpoint presentation for general safety rules that we will go over next week.


As we prepare for the start of the FIRST build season, we’re in the final crunch to get our Skills robot complete.  Work is still being done on our reloader mechanism.

Thursday we plan do to a brainstorming activity, to run through the kick-off strategy/robot design process using a challenge from an earlier year.  Practice makes perfect!

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