Field Trip to Transformix

A great group of K-Bots headed out today to Transformix Engineering to show what we accomplished last season, and to have a tour of their facilities.


Our demo and presentation was done in the Transformix boardroom.  We were excited that so many parents could come along to see us show off what we’ve learned.


Many of the Transformix employees were curious to see what’s inside our robot.


After our demo and presentation, we learned about safety in the machine shop, and went on a tour of the shop floor.


We saw a very neat assembly process for a lid.


It’s amazing to see the technology involved in the creation of a simple item that we might take for granted.  It definitely opened our eyes!


Thanks very much to Jeff and the staff at Transformix Engineering for their continued interest and support of our team.  We learned a lot during the tour today and look forward to doing more work at Transformix during build season.

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