Field Trip

We gathered after school today to go on our first field trip of the year.  At this time of year Queen’s students are a little silly because their exams are coming up.  We’ve noticed some of our mentors are away studying, while others are here….but the stress might be getting to them a little.  Thanks to the dedicated mentors who came with us on our field trip today!

mentors mentors

We are thankful to be so close to Queen’s University.  The engineering department supports us so much during build season, and it is great to get the chance to see their machine shop facilities before our build season picks up.  We’re so close that we only have to cross two streets to get there!


We made a stir walking through campus with all our awesome hats!

mclaughlin hall

Here we are at our destination, McLaughlin Hall, Queen’s University.


Inside the machine shop we got to see lots of high tech equipment like CNC milling machines, and a waterjet cutter.


We also got to see a frame that was being welded together by the Queen’s Formula SAE team.  They told us that the frame took about 10 hours to be welded together, but that the CAD drawings took 300 hours to design and produce!  Thanks so much to the team at McLaughlin Hall for giving us a tour today.  We look forward to seeing you again soon!

excited for build

For some of our K-Bots this was the first time to see a machine shop, and get an idea of what tools and techniques are used.  For others, it was a refresher, and an opportunity to get excited for our upcoming build season.

“It was SO fun, and I learned a lot” -Paige, grade 9.

We are all looking forward to our tour at Transformix Engineering on December 9th after school.

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