Count Down To Kick Off

Saturday January 8th is quickly approaching…

…and we’re making plans for a great Kick-Off event!  We’re inviting our friends, family, sponsors, The Cyber Falcons FRC 3710, and the media.  After watching the webcast in the morning, we’ll enjoy a robotic themed pot luck lunch and then begin our marathon brainstorming and strategy session.

What would you like to do at a Kick-Off event?

There’s lots of work to be done before we can focus on FRC build season though.  workWe’ve got to wrap up our current robot, tape a few webinars, and tour two machine shops.  Tours are booked for McLaughlin Hall at Queen’s University Thursday Dec. 2nd at 3:45, and for Transformix Engineering on Thursday Dec. 9th at 3:30.


We don't mind getting our hands dirty!

We had quite a successful afternoon today.  Our Skills robot was driving around the floor.  We’ve now got it going forwards, backwards and turning around!  Little by little progress is being made.

skillsWe’re certainly learning a lot in the process.

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