K-Bots Have Drive!

At the very beginning of today we had a mini meeting where we discussed how to improve the FLL tournament. Everyone really liked the great enthusiasm and dancing, and we have some good ideas on how to improve our organization for next time.


There was a lot of work done on our skills robot. We’re making the driving system and many people were working pretty hard at that.The wheels are drilled in and it should be wheeling soon.

driveThank you cards were written and delivered to the people who helped at the FLL practice tournament.  We find it easier to write thank you notes as a group.  We brainstorm ideas, and decide together how to put our thoughts into words.  It’s fun to use the whiteboard to compile our ideas.

old robotWe’re also cleaning up an old robot from ten years ago! It won the very first Greater Toronto regional for team 610. It was unearthed a while ago and has progressed from various shades of black and brown rust to a more presentable silver.

By the end of our meeting we had made significant progress on our Skills robot.  It was driving!


Here’s a video to prove it.

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