The Story of The Pancakes

A while ago some of our mentors from Queen’s University decided it would be fun to learn how to make Lego Robots just like the FLL teams do.  Today some of them had a chance to do just that!  We needed an 8th team to help run the tournament smoothly, so some mentors stepped up and made a team.  They named themselves “The Pancakes” and this is their story.


In the morning, The Pancakes learned about the FIRST Lego League game “Body Forward”.  They then started to put pieces together, connected sensors, and motors and ended up with a basic robot.


Programming their robot was the next challenge for The Pancakes–it was not as easy as they had anticipated!


It took many tries to get their first mission accomplished, but they were having fun while they figured it out!


The referees were watching carefully to make sure that The Pancakes understood and followed all of the rules.

“After all that, the syringe we got on our first mission was worth zero points?!”-James, member of The Pancakes

By the end of the day, the Pancakes had figured out how to make their robot go–most of the time.


The Pancakes learned a lot today about what FLL teams do.  There’s a lot of work involved in robot building and programming, and a lot of time involved in testing and improving the program.


Although The Pancakes did not qualify for our quarter finals, they had fun and learned a lot today.

Good job Pancakes!


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