Two Thumbs Up!

The spirit of teamwork was everywhere today.  We’re all learning new skills, and then passing on those skills to our teammates.



We’re learning proper technique, and making sure we are safe.  Mentors are always around to help out when needed.




good job!

queen of the table saw


“I’m queen of the table saw” -McKayla, grade 11

Our prototyping of various mechanisms is making slow and steady progress.  We’re measuring, and securing parts together….


…and we’re making a more sturdy re-loading mechanism.


We’re also busy preparing for this Saturday when we’re hosting our 2nd annual FLL practice tournament.  We’ve all got jobs to do–and some of us will be demonstrating our big robots.  Sometimes our robots can be quite intimidating, so we’ve made a friendly sign to encourage questions, and interaction.

ask us

This is the same robot that is on our thank you cards this season.  We have some very artistic K-Bots!


hot off the press!

Today we had some special guests in our midst.  Limestone District School Board superintendent, Andre Labrie, came for a work room tour and robot demo.  We shared with him, the presentation that we will do for our sponsors to explain what FIRST is all about, what we do during our season, how our team is focused on collaboration, and what we’ve learned from being part of the team.  His feedback was very positive!


some of our presenters explain what FIRST is all about

Along with our superintendent, we were also very pleased to have one of our mentors-from-afar back in town if only for the day.


We got to show off all of the interesting design features of last year’s robot, and show him how far we’ve come since 2009.


We’ve come a long way in 2 years.  Thanks to everyone who has helped make it happen!





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