Soldering, Sawing and Smiling for the Camera

It was all hands on deck today!  We started to figure out how the drive mechanism, the shooter and the ball reloader might fit together for our robot.  As we are working together, we are constructing more than our robot.  We’re making good friends!

“That’s what robotics does….it establishes bonds between us” -Isis, grade 10


We were sawing, and measuring.  We measured a lot.  It is a good idea to measure twice, so you only have to cut once!angles

Soldering was the new skill of the day for some–steady hands and attention to detail are a must!


“I feel useful today!  I’m helping people” -Anton, grade 11

Mentors and students work together to develop new technical skills, so hopefully we can all feel useful to the team every day.

K-Botics Guide To Learning Names

Our numbers are continuing to grow.  We’ve got over 30 student members now!  To work on team building, we need to know names.  To help with learning names, we’ve decided to keep a binder of names and photos for team members and mentors in a binder in our classroom.  As we get new members, and new mentors, they can have a look at the book to learn some names.

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