Smile It Is Tuesday!

Today’s meeting began with an optimistic start, true to the K-Bot spirit! The whiteboard advised K-Bots to smile because its Tuesday, advice the team took to heart.

smileThere was a lot to smile about today- much work was accomplished and much fun was had while doing it. Much of the session was dedicated to the prototyping of a ball shooting mechanism for the robot.

boardThe creativity of K-Bots greatly came into play here; Joy concocted a ‘gastronomic device’ which is a funnel-shaped mechanism that would work from within the robot- sort of like a stomach and an esophagus, with the balls being “vomited”. Repulsive sounding, yes, but brainstorming is allowed certain ugliness.

gastronomic device

gastronomic device

Democracy was another thing to smile about today, for the voting polls were opened today! Elizabeth and Michaela channeled their artistic gift and ginger spirit into the decorating of a voting box today.

nomination box nominations


We are voting for a nominee for both the Dean’s List, and Woodie Flowers awards. Who will win? We have only to wait to find out!



Perhaps Tim knows all



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