Time To Think About Awards

This year K-Botics is starting early.  We’ve got a good group of writers working on our Chairman’s Report, and now it’s time to think about nominations for the Dean’s List Award (for students) and the Woodie Flowers Award (for mentors).

The first step is one done as a team.  This year we are asking for nominations by all of our members.  We are asking for names and reasons to be put anonymously into nomination boxes.  Our deadline for nominations is November 23 2010.


click for .pdf


The nominations for the Dean’s List Award will be looked at by our team, and we will select one or two students from those nominated and write essays to submit.  Woodie Flowers Award nominations will be looked at by our student members, and they will make their selection and write the essay, and  submit it without any mentor input.  Our goal is to get all submissions ready to go before the holidays, so then everyone can be working together fully focused on solving design challenges and building/programming our robot.

We plan to recognize our nominees this year at our end-of-season party.  It’s important to celebrate the good work of our team members with our K-Botics community.

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